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Conversation With The Special Representative For Global Partnerships At US Department Of State

DIASPORA NEWS – Tune in to see Kingsley Aikins’ of Diaspora Matters interview with...

FT : “Silicon Valley’s European Stars Are Returning Home”

KINGSLEY’S BLOG – Interesting article featured in The Financial Times by Lars...

PwC’s Report on the Potential of the Australian Diaspora in Asia

  KINGSLEY’S BLOG – Fascinating report¬†by PwC on the potential of the...

The Coubertin Score - A New Scoring System for the Olympics

The Coubertin Score

About Us

Diaspora Matters is a Dublin, Ireland based consultancy company that specialises in Diaspora issues and works with Governments, organisations, institutions, cities and individuals to develop and implement comprehensive strategies for them to connect with their Diasporas. Diaspora Matters has worked with 15 countries to date in developing strategies, policies, programmes and projects.

Client Services

  • The principals and consultants at Diaspora Matters are experts in philanthropy, trade and investment, networking, fundraising, recruitment, education, culture and tourism.
    We provide following services:
    • Strategy Consultancy
    • Philanthropy and Fundraising
    • Global Networking
    • Funding Small and Medium Enterprises
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